What are the Laws on Driving Electric Scooters Under the Influence of Alcohol?

What are the Laws on Driving Electric Scooters Under the Influence of AlcoholDrunk-driving laws apply only to vehicles which are mechanically propelled. Since electric scooters fall into this category, you’ll need to avoid going over the limit before you ride your electric scooter. In particular, when you’re riding on public roadways, you’ll need to ensure that you are clean and sober.

While mobility scooters, which are also electric, aren’t classified as mechanically-propelled vehicles and don’t require driver’s licenses, it’s still smart to be sober when you use these machines. It’s all about protecting yourself and protecting others. No one should operate any machine when they are over the limit – when they do so, the law deems them as “unfit to ride”.

Avoid Any Drunk Driving

So, you’ll need to avoid drunk driving when you’re using a scooter. This probably isn’t a surprise. After all, it’s possible to hurt other people when driving drunk, no matter what type of vehicle you’re using. Drunk driving is irresponsible and this is why it’s frowned upon by society and law enforcement. Those who are caught drunk driving face serious penalties and may need to defend themselves in court.

To avoid public shame, loss of a license, possible jail time and a lot of legal expenses, just avoid any drinking before you drive. It’s possible to have a drink or two and remain under the limit – however, unless you own your own Breathalyzer system, and most people don’t, you may have a difficult time knowing whether or not you’re over the limit. For this reason, any drinking, however moderate, will put you at risk for legal difficulties.

The thing about alcohol is that it dulls response times and alertness. If a problem occurs on the road, you may not react quickly enough. As well, since you’re less alert, you may actually cause the problem on the road in the first place!

Stay Sober and Stay Safe

Responsible electric scooter owners stay sober whenever they are operating their electric scooters. If they are going to drink, they leave their scooters at home and get rides with designated drivers, taxis or Ubers.

While it may be a bit inconvenient to leave a scooter behind when you’re going to have a few drinks, it’s the sensible thing to do. If you’re riding your electric scooter on public roadways, you have a responsibility to the community. This means that you should be sober and alert while you’re driving your electric scooter around.

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