Removing Red Wine Stains on Your Mattress

Removing Red Wine Stains on Your Mattress

There are as many reasons for red wine stains on mattresses as there are solutions (solution being the key word) to the problem. Some are valid, some not! But if, for whatever reason, a red wine stain on your mattress is upsetting your bedroom karma then there are some simple, and effective, remedies.

Simple Often Works

For removing red wine stains on any garment or fabric the simplest solutions are often the best. The quicker you react to the spill the less time the stain has to settle and become embedded in the fabric. This is true of skirts, trousers, shirts and mattresses in equal measure but replacing a stained mattress is a more expensive proposition.

Act Quickly

Diluting the spilt wine is the first step. Even water will disperse the red wine and weaken the resulting stain but probably not remove it entirely.

Soap and Water

Simple scrubbing with soap and water will help to remove most stains but, in the case of red wine, try and remove as much of the soaked-in wine as possible by blotting with paper tissues or clean, dry cloths.

Club Soda

Long considered an “old wives tale”, plain old Club Soda is very effective in removing, not just red wine but, a host of stubborn stains. This method is best used when the stain is fresh and has not dried in. Cover the stained area with club soda and gently work it in. Then cover the entire area with ordinary table salt and let it rest for a few hours. As the salt dries it absorbs moisture (the red wine) from the surrounding area and lifts the stain from the mattress or affected surface.

White Vinegar

Another so-called “old wives tale” that actually works. Instead of club soda use distilled white vinegar on the stain and let it soak in for ten or so minutes. Blot the area and, if necessary, repeat the exercise a couple of times. Even stubborn stains like red wine eventually give in to the power of white vinegar.


Borax is a freely available multi-purpose cleaning agent and effective against most common household stains including the dreaded red wine. Borax contains boric acid which is one of the most common components used in many cleaning products. Mix Borax and water into a paste and spread over the stain, wait an hour or two, and brush off the dried residue. If some of the staining remains, it’s time for the old faithful method of using a little soap and water to scrub off the remainder and dry everything off with a dry towel.


Desperate stains call for desperate measures and bleach is at the desperate end of the scale. A weaker bleach like Hydrogen Peroxide should be sufficient to remove even a bottle-full of stains from a mattress but Handle With Care. Bleach is a caustic material, so be careful in its usage and handling. Always wear gloves and be aware that while it will remove red wine stains it may also discolour the affected area.

Call in the Removers

No, it’s not time to up sticks and move home but a professional stain removal company can solve your problems at a price. A professional steam clean on your wine-stained mattress will cost but could be worth the expenditure involved if buying a new mattress is the only other alternative.

Of course, all such red wine related problems could be avoided if the bottle was banished from the bedroom or perhaps a delicate white wine was used after the hours of darkness. But that’s not going to happen any time soon, so in the meantime enjoy a nice red in bed and let tomorrow take care of itself!

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