Is Wine Harmful for Pets?

Some people are curious about what their pet’s reaction will be if they drink wine. Others say that a small amount of wine wouldn’t affect a cat or dog. While this can be true in some cases, it’s not the same for all situations and it’s not worth the risk as it can put the health of your pet in danger. It is not a good idea to let your pet drink wine or let it ingest anything that has alcohol in it.

Why Wine is Not Good for Pets

One of the reasons why wine is not good for pets is that it contains toxic substances that can affect the health of the dog or cat. The second reason is that the body of these animals cannot tolerate alcohol like humans do. They can easily get intoxicated, especially for smaller animals and this can be fatal. It’s also best to prevent your dog from being exposed to anything that has alcohol in it. This is not just wine, but beer, perfume, medicines, and other items that have alcohol in them. Pets are usually curious and they may end up licking or ingesting alcohol based substances that can lead to health problems or even death. It is recommended that you keep all of these things in a secured place to prevent being accessed or accidentally ingested by your pet. If you are hosting a party and you are serving alcoholic drinks, it’s best to keep your pet secured in a place where it cannot reach these drinks. In case you are the one attending a party, leave your pet in your house to prevent such incident.

Other Drinks You Shouldn’t Serve Pets

Aside from wine, there are also other drinks that you should avoid giving to your pets. As mentioned, anything that has alcohol in it is not good. The alcohol content of wine is typically 10%, while beer has 4% concentration. Hard liquors can kill dogs and cats as the alcohol content can be high up to 90%.

Another drink to avoid giving your pet is grape juice. This can cause kidney problems on your pet or even death. Seizures and vomiting may happen if your pet ingests grape juice. It is not just grape juice, but the grape fruit itself and other drinks or foods that have grapes in them.
Chocolates are a favorite to many people, but don’t share these with your pets as they can be toxic for them. Intake of chocolates may cause their blood pressure to go down. This may also cause seizure or even heart attack. Drinks with caffeine like soda and coffee are also not recommended. Drinking these may cause your pet to have palpitations and suffer from hyperthermia.

Foods That Are Bad for Pets

There are also foods that pets should not eat as they can be toxic to them. Foods that are made with xylitol such as baked goods, gums, and candies are dangerous to your pets’ health as they can cause problems with coordination, low blood sugar, and liver failure. Avocados are also not recommended because of the persin substance that can be poisonous to your pet, especially if too much is consumed. Other foods to avoid are yeast dough, walnuts, tomatoes, raisins, mushrooms, garlic, and cherries.

Foods and Drinks That Are Good for Pets

Water is the best option for pets to drink. However, broth is also a good alternative in case your pets don’t want to drink water for some reason. Carrot juice and coconut water are also safe. When it comes to foods, it’s still recommended to give them the best canned dog foods or cat foods as these are made specifically for their consumption. However, there are also human foods that can be safely shared with them. Rice and meat are okay as long as they are cooked properly. Some vegetables like carrots, lettuce, zucchini, broccoli and squash are also safe.

Equip yourself with knowledge on what your pets can and cannot eat or drink to avoid health problems. Even if you feed them with human foods that are considered safe, make sure that majority of their meals is still from pet foods as these are made to deliver the maximum nutrients that they need.

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