Alcohol – Can it Be Part of a Healthy Fitness Regime?

Alcohol – Can it Be Part of a Healthy Fitness Regime

Maintaining a healthy and fit physical state can be pretty tough. From your diet to your fitness routine, there are lots of factors that come into play and ultimately decide whether or not you will achieve your goals. With hard work and dedication, however, it is possible to achieve the highest level of functioning. Personally I like to put on my zumba shoes and boogie on down but that’s not everyone’s ideal regime.

A lot of fitness buffs and aspiring health fanatics wonder – is it possible to incorporate alcohol into a fitness routine? Everyone wants to be healthy and fit, that’s for sure, but is there a way you can have the best of both worlds? Alcohol is generally viewed as something that isn’t really a healthy option, but there are a lot of studies that suggest you might just be able to incorporate a healthy drinking habit into your strict fitness regime.

The Issue about Alcohol

Many fitness buffs and experts condemn the intake of alcohol for a few good reasons. First of all, the nutritional value that alcohol offers is of no significant benefit. Actually, alcoholic beverages can even reduce your absorption of important nutrients and vitamins that you get from your food. When you frequently drink alcohol and fail to keep it in moderation, you might just inhibit your body from acquiring the sustenance it needs.

Another downside to alcohol intake is that most of these benefits are packed with calories. Because they’re so calorically dense, you might mess up your carefully planned out diet by drinking alcohol that brings your caloric count beyond what’s necessary.

These reasons have caused those who want to keep themselves slim, fit, and healthy a far distance from any alcoholic beverages. But modern science and research have shown that these tempting beverages might not be all that bad.

Alcohol and Fitness

Some alcoholic beverages have been proven to improve cardiovascular problems and maintain normal blood pressure. Red wine is a shining example of an ideal alcoholic beverage for those who want to maintain their physical fitness while still enjoying the finer things in life. Red wine has even been suggested by doctors to people with heart problems as an alternative treatment to target blood pressure and other concerns.

As with any other food or beverage, the answer is in moderation. Many people struggle with alcohol because they take too much of it too often. But if we’re able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep our alcohol intake to a minimum, it could very well work out for the best. Learning portion control is one of the best skills that dieters and fitness buffs will ever understand. Chocolate, for example, can be healthy and permissible even on the strictest of diets. But when eaten too often and too much, you might find yourself gaining more weight than you lose. The same idea goes for the intake of alcohol. Taking it in moderation will allow you to enjoy parties and gatherings without having to hammer down your fitness gains.

How to Incorporate Alcohol into a Fitness Regimen

Alcohol can be incorporated into a fitness regimen by adapting a schedule that will allow you to have fun while maintaining fitness. Always stick to your diet plan and exercise routine (don’t slack off on your weight bench exercises!), but see to it that you reward yourself with small, reasonable amounts of alcohol only when it’s really necessary. Being able to lift an extra five pounds is not a worthy achievement, but reaching a fitness goal such as a specific BMI or a body-fat ratio is. Also remember to drink alcoholic beverages that are on the healthier side, like red wine, steer clear of thick, calorie dense beverages and make sure you keep it all in moderation.

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