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If you Love the Finer Things in Life then a Water Softener Makes Sense

If you Love the Finer Things in Life then a Water Softener Makes SenseAs a homeowner, you are going to have the opportunity to invest in a lot of top-quality luxuries that not only make your life more comfortable, but also improve your standard of living, your health and wellness, and your confidence.

At the same time, a lot of homeowners are surprised to learn that there are so many big benefits to investing in a water softener. Many of them have been led to believe that this is almost unnecessary because of the filtration systems already in place (at the municipal level), and many more may be under the impression that the results will be anything but instant or tangible.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you enjoy the finer things in life, a water softener is going to be right up your alley!

Softened water often tastes better

If you feel like your tap water is anything but crystal-clear and delicious, the odds are pretty good that you’re drinking hard water that is just as flush with unnecessary sediment and minerals as can be.

The overwhelming majority of people running off of a municipal water supply (and many more with their own personal well water supply) are drinking tap water that is loaded with all kinds of contaminants, sediment, and hard minerals that make it past filtration systems.

When you put a water softener in your home, all of that disappears forever.

Your water will immediately taste better, your water will immediately look cleaner, and your quality of life will shoot through the roof.

The food you cook with softened water is going to taste better, as well

The food that you cook with water that has been softened is also going to taste better.

After all, there aren’t too terribly many recipes out there that recommend you include new minerals in your water mixture, or that you dissolve “hard water” ingredients in water before you cook are there?

But when you decide to cook with water that hasn’t been softened, many of those minerals are going to leave a very metallic key aftertaste in all of your favorite dishes. There is no faster way to completely ruin an otherwise picture-perfect meal plan fan to spoil it with hard water.

You are going to look and feel a lot better after bathing with water that has been softened

When you have a water softener installed in your own you are going to both look and feel a lot better than you usually do.

Water that has been softened is going to dry out your skin a lot less, isn’t going to leave middle deposits in your hair, and isn’t going to do funky things to your clothing during each and every wash. Your clothes are going to last longer, your skin is going to look clearer, and your hair is going to be a lot healthier and considerably shinier.

It really doesn’t get a lot better than this, now does it?

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What are the Laws on Driving Electric Scooters Under the Influence of Alcohol?

What are the Laws on Driving Electric Scooters Under the Influence of AlcoholDrunk-driving laws apply only to vehicles which are mechanically propelled. Since electric scooters fall into this category, you’ll need to avoid going over the limit before you ride your electric scooter. In particular, when you’re riding on public roadways, you’ll need to ensure that you are clean and sober.

While mobility scooters, which are also electric, aren’t classified as mechanically-propelled vehicles and don’t require driver’s licenses, it’s still smart to be sober when you use these machines. It’s all about protecting yourself and protecting others. No one should operate any machine when they are over the limit – when they do so, the law deems them as “unfit to ride”.

Avoid Any Drunk Driving

So, you’ll need to avoid drunk driving when you’re using a scooter. This probably isn’t a surprise. After all, it’s possible to hurt other people when driving drunk, no matter what type of vehicle you’re using. Drunk driving is irresponsible and this is why it’s frowned upon by society and law enforcement. Those who are caught drunk driving face serious penalties and may need to defend themselves in court.

To avoid public shame, loss of a license, possible jail time and a lot of legal expenses, just avoid any drinking before you drive. It’s possible to have a drink or two and remain under the limit – however, unless you own your own Breathalyzer system, and most people don’t, you may have a difficult time knowing whether or not you’re over the limit. For this reason, any drinking, however moderate, will put you at risk for legal difficulties.

The thing about alcohol is that it dulls response times and alertness. If a problem occurs on the road, you may not react quickly enough. As well, since you’re less alert, you may actually cause the problem on the road in the first place!

Stay Sober and Stay Safe

Responsible electric scooter owners stay sober whenever they are operating their electric scooters. If they are going to drink, they leave their scooters at home and get rides with designated drivers, taxis or Ubers.

While it may be a bit inconvenient to leave a scooter behind when you’re going to have a few drinks, it’s the sensible thing to do. If you’re riding your electric scooter on public roadways, you have a responsibility to the community. This means that you should be sober and alert while you’re driving your electric scooter around.

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Alcohol – Can it Be Part of a Healthy Fitness Regime?

Alcohol – Can it Be Part of a Healthy Fitness Regime

Maintaining a healthy and fit physical state can be pretty tough. From your diet to your fitness routine, there are lots of factors that come into play and ultimately decide whether or not you will achieve your goals. With hard work and dedication, however, it is possible to achieve the highest level of functioning. Personally I like to put on my zumba shoes and boogie on down but that’s not everyone’s ideal regime.

A lot of fitness buffs and aspiring health fanatics wonder – is it possible to incorporate alcohol into a fitness routine? Everyone wants to be healthy and fit, that’s for sure, but is there a way you can have the best of both worlds? Alcohol is generally viewed as something that isn’t really a healthy option, but there are a lot of studies that suggest you might just be able to incorporate a healthy drinking habit into your strict fitness regime.

The Issue about Alcohol

Many fitness buffs and experts condemn the intake of alcohol for a few good reasons. First of all, the nutritional value that alcohol offers is of no significant benefit. Actually, alcoholic beverages can even reduce your absorption of important nutrients and vitamins that you get from your food. When you frequently drink alcohol and fail to keep it in moderation, you might just inhibit your body from acquiring the sustenance it needs.

Another downside to alcohol intake is that most of these benefits are packed with calories. Because they’re so calorically dense, you might mess up your carefully planned out diet by drinking alcohol that brings your caloric count beyond what’s necessary.

These reasons have caused those who want to keep themselves slim, fit, and healthy a far distance from any alcoholic beverages. But modern science and research have shown that these tempting beverages might not be all that bad.

Alcohol and Fitness

Some alcoholic beverages have been proven to improve cardiovascular problems and maintain normal blood pressure. Red wine is a shining example of an ideal alcoholic beverage for those who want to maintain their physical fitness while still enjoying the finer things in life. Red wine has even been suggested by doctors to people with heart problems as an alternative treatment to target blood pressure and other concerns.

As with any other food or beverage, the answer is in moderation. Many people struggle with alcohol because they take too much of it too often. But if we’re able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep our alcohol intake to a minimum, it could very well work out for the best. Learning portion control is one of the best skills that dieters and fitness buffs will ever understand. Chocolate, for example, can be healthy and permissible even on the strictest of diets. But when eaten too often and too much, you might find yourself gaining more weight than you lose. The same idea goes for the intake of alcohol. Taking it in moderation will allow you to enjoy parties and gatherings without having to hammer down your fitness gains.

How to Incorporate Alcohol into a Fitness Regimen

Alcohol can be incorporated into a fitness regimen by adapting a schedule that will allow you to have fun while maintaining fitness. Always stick to your diet plan and exercise routine (don’t slack off on your weight bench exercises!), but see to it that you reward yourself with small, reasonable amounts of alcohol only when it’s really necessary. Being able to lift an extra five pounds is not a worthy achievement, but reaching a fitness goal such as a specific BMI or a body-fat ratio is. Also remember to drink alcoholic beverages that are on the healthier side, like red wine, steer clear of thick, calorie dense beverages and make sure you keep it all in moderation.

Removing Red Wine Stains on Your Mattress

Removing Red Wine Stains on Your Mattress

There are as many reasons for red wine stains on mattresses as there are solutions (solution being the key word) to the problem. Some are valid, some not! But if, for whatever reason, a red wine stain on your mattress is upsetting your bedroom karma then there are some simple, and effective, remedies.

Simple Often Works

For removing red wine stains on any garment or fabric the simplest solutions are often the best. The quicker you react to the spill the less time the stain has to settle and become embedded in the fabric. This is true of skirts, trousers, shirts and mattresses in equal measure but replacing a stained mattress is a more expensive proposition.

Act Quickly

Diluting the spilt wine is the first step. Even water will disperse the red wine and weaken the resulting stain but probably not remove it entirely.

Soap and Water

Simple scrubbing with soap and water will help to remove most stains but, in the case of red wine, try and remove as much of the soaked-in wine as possible by blotting with paper tissues or clean, dry cloths.

Club Soda

Long considered an “old wives tale”, plain old Club Soda is very effective in removing, not just red wine but, a host of stubborn stains. This method is best used when the stain is fresh and has not dried in. Cover the stained area with club soda and gently work it in. Then cover the entire area with ordinary table salt and let it rest for a few hours. As the salt dries it absorbs moisture (the red wine) from the surrounding area and lifts the stain from the mattress or affected surface.

White Vinegar

Another so-called “old wives tale” that actually works. Instead of club soda use distilled white vinegar on the stain and let it soak in for ten or so minutes. Blot the area and, if necessary, repeat the exercise a couple of times. Even stubborn stains like red wine eventually give in to the power of white vinegar.


Borax is a freely available multi-purpose cleaning agent and effective against most common household stains including the dreaded red wine. Borax contains boric acid which is one of the most common components used in many cleaning products. Mix Borax and water into a paste and spread over the stain, wait an hour or two, and brush off the dried residue. If some of the staining remains, it’s time for the old faithful method of using a little soap and water to scrub off the remainder and dry everything off with a dry towel.


Desperate stains call for desperate measures and bleach is at the desperate end of the scale. A weaker bleach like Hydrogen Peroxide should be sufficient to remove even a bottle-full of stains from a mattress but Handle With Care. Bleach is a caustic material, so be careful in its usage and handling. Always wear gloves and be aware that while it will remove red wine stains it may also discolour the affected area.

Call in the Removers

No, it’s not time to up sticks and move home but a professional stain removal company can solve your problems at a price. A professional steam clean on your wine-stained mattress will cost but could be worth the expenditure involved if buying a new mattress is the only other alternative.

Of course, all such red wine related problems could be avoided if the bottle was banished from the bedroom or perhaps a delicate white wine was used after the hours of darkness. But that’s not going to happen any time soon, so in the meantime enjoy a nice red in bed and let tomorrow take care of itself!

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