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Know about the Production of Red Wine

The red wine is prepared using certain basic steps. When producing the red wine, it is important to ferment along with the seeds and juice skins. The red wine’s composition is found according to the constituents removed from the seeds and skins along with the ones existing in the juice.

Red wine styles

The red wine is prepared into different kinds of styles. The differences in styles depend according to the wine characteristics’ differences like grape variety, aging potential, mouth feel, body, flavor, and color. The red wine ranges in various styles that include light colored blushes, fresh, fruity, simple, dark red and rich, full bodied, complex and long aging potential. The fruit composition is influenced by various factors like viticultural practices, growing conditions, climate, soil, and variety and the style of producing the wine. Apart from fruit composition, the wine preparation methods play a great role in finding out the wine style.


There are several varieties present for producing the red wine. It is usually produced in blends or varietals composing several varieties.

The Vinifera group is the commonly practiced method for winemaking. In some areas, the Vinifera grapes will not be available. The Lambrusco, French Hybrids and other varieties are used as alternatives to Vinifera grapes. One of the famous grapes in Burgundy is the pinot noir. It helps in preparing excellent and tasty red wine. The Zinfandel is popular for producing blush wine. It also serves in preparing flavorful, full bodied and dark red wine. One of the famous grapes of Australia and Rhone is the Syrah grape. It helps in preparing softer tannins and fruity wines.

In the American grapes variety, the Concord is said to be the popular and top red wine variety. When wine is prepared using the Concord grape variety, it produces a strong flavor. It is mostly referred as foxy flavor. Norton or Cynthiana is the other popular American red wine variety. It helps in preparing dark red and full bodied wines. It does not contain the foxy aroma.

Some of the best choices in the French mixture category are Rougeon, Foch, Chambourcin and Barco. These are used for preparing red wines. When it is handled properly, it helps in preparing excellent red table wines.

Do you know the most important raw material used for preparing red wine? Well, the fresh grapes play an important role. In some situations, the fresh grapes will not be available. In such scenario, grape concentrate or frozen grapes will be used in the preparation process.

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