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Guide to Prepare Wine for Beginners

You would require some necessary equipment to prepare about thirty bottles of wine. Some people prefer to prepare six bottles at the beginning. But it is recommended to prepare thirty bottles since you can save more when you prepare more. Some important things you require are as follows;

· Sterilizer 100 g
· Hydrometer with case
· Thermometer
· Large auto siphon
· Fermenter that is 25 litre with large cap, airlock and bung
· Bucket that should be 30 litre with lid, airlock and grommet

There are also simple thirty bottle wine making kits available in the market. The kit will help the user step by step and provide clear instructions for each and every step. It is best to purchase the wine making kit, and follow the steps as mentioned.

The temperature and cleanliness are highly important in the wine preparing process. It is necessary to sterilize and clean everything you bring near with the wine. The temperature should be constant, and you need to maintain between 21 and 26 degrees Celsius.

Sterilize and clean all the equipment. It takes about ten to fifteen days to ferment. You have to give one more week time for clearing. It is best to leave the wine for aging for about four weeks. It tastes best than the fresh wine.

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